Seaside Escape in Urban Grandeur

The economic capital of Morocco, with a coastline extending throughout the city, the beaches of Casablanca seem endless and anyone who experiences them wants to extend their stay there. The main beach is Ain Diab, located near the city center. There is no shortage of swimming pools and tourist complexes where you can enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year, as well as a lively sea promenade with bars and restaurants. Even so, Ain Diab Beach and its surf schools are not the only options to consider. Along the approximately 80-km-long coastline that separates Casablanca from Rabat further north, there are more than half of the surf clubs registered throughout Morocco. You can imagine the amazing atmosphere in the region with this quantity of surf spots. In the south of Casablanca and only 20 km away, you will find Dar Bouazza, another alternative to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city; the seaside resort has some of the most renowned surf schools in the region. Casablanca, for its part, is ideal for anyone looking to combine the unique rhythm of a vibrant city and a visit to the new Medina. Admire the cultural diversity or why not put your negotiating skills to the test in one of its famous Souks.

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Uncrowded Surfcamp – Bouznika Morocco

Village du pêcheur, La kasbah, Bouznika Bay, Bouznika 13100, Morocco

Casablanca Activities

Surf Ain Diab
Casablanca Medina
Hassan II
Have a Drink
at Rick's Cafe

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Surf Globe School – Jack Beach, Casablanca

Jack beach, Tamaris, Morocco

La Crique Surf School – Bouznika

Village du pêcheur, La kasbah, Bouznika Bay, Bouznika 13100, Morocco

tgv casablanca voyageur


Getting Around Casablanca


Casablanca boasts a well-established tramway system that offers an eco-friendly and efficient way to explore the city.

Car Rental

Land in Casablanca Mohammed V Airport, rent a car, and explore Casablanca and beyond at your own pace.

Private Taxis

Hop into a red taxi for around 50 MAD (5 euros)

TGV Train

Enhance your Casablanca experience by taking the TGV train to quickly connect to destinations like Rabat and Tangier. Departing from the modernized Casa-Voyageurs station.


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