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These Terms of Service for Moroccan and European Users (the “Terms”) constitute a legally binding contract between you and Waverick, governing your right to use the Waverick websites, applications, and other offerings (collectively referred to as the “Waverick Platform”). When used in these terms, the terms “Waverick,” “we,” “us,” or “our” refer to the Waverick entity.

The Waverick Platform provides an online tool that allows users (“Members”) to publish, offer, search, and book services. Members who publish and offer services are “Hosts,” and Members who search, book, or use services are “Travelers.” Hosts offer accommodations (“Accommodations”), activities, excursions, and events (“Experiences”), as well as a variety of travel and other services (collectively, “Hosting Services,” and each offer of Hosting Service, a “Listing”). You must create an account to access many features of the Waverick Platform and use them. You must also ensure that your account information remains accurate. As a provider of the Waverick Platform, Waverick does not own, control, offer, or manage listings, Hosting Services, or any travel services. Waverick is not a party to contracts directly between Hosts and Travelers, and Waverick is not a real estate agent, travel agency, insurer, organizer, or retailer of packaged trips.

1. Introduction

Welcome to waverick.fr, operated by Waverick Adventures, a company registered in Imm2, Rue Dayet Aoua, Agdal, Rabat in (“we,” “us,” or “our”). By using our website and services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions.

2. Booking and Payment

2.1. To book a surf course or accommodation, you must provide accurate and complete information.

2.2. We use the Centre Monétique Interbancaire (CMI) as our payment gateway, the official provider in Morocco. We accept Moroccan, International Visa, and Mastercard credit cards. Payments through CMI will be converted to MAD (Moroccan Dirhams) at checkout.

2.3. Prices are displayed in MAD, EUR, USD, and GBP and are subject to change without notice.

2.4. In the case of cancellations or changes to bookings, refer to our cancellation and refund policy.

3. Searching and Booking on Waverick

3.1 Search You can search for hosting services using criteria such as the type of hosting service, travel destination, travel dates, and number of Travelers. Filters can also be applied to refine your search results.

3.2 Booking When you book a listing, you agree to pay all fees related to your booking, including the accommodation price set in the listing, applicable fees such as Waverick’s service fees, in-person charges, taxes, and any other items identified during payment (collectively, the “Total Price”). Upon receiving the booking confirmation, a contract for the hosting services (“Reservation”) is directly formed between you and the Host. In addition to these Terms, you will be subject to and responsible for complying with all Reservation terms, including but not limited to cancellation terms and any other regulations, standards, policies, or requirements identified in the listing or during payment that apply to the Reservation. It’s your responsibility to read and understand these regulations, standards, policies, and requirements before making a booking. Please note that some Hosts collaborate with co-hosts or operate as part of a team to provide their hosting services.

3.3 Accommodation Reservations An accommodation reservation grants you a limited license to enter, occupy, and use the accommodation. The Host reserves the right to re-enter the accommodation during your stay, if: (i) reasonably necessary, (ii) allowed under your agreement with the Host, and (iii) compliant with applicable law. If you stay beyond the checkout time, the Host has the right to have you depart in accordance with applicable law, including imposing reasonable penalties for overstaying. You must not exceed the maximum allowed number of Travelers.

3.4 Experience and Other Hosting Service Reservations A reservation for an Experience or another hosting service allows you to participate, attend, or use the hosting service. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you, and anyone you invite, meet minimum age, skill, fitness, or other requirements. You are responsible for informing the Host about your health status or physical condition, or any other circumstance that could impact your ability to participate, attend, or use the hosting service. Unless expressly allowed, you cannot invite anyone to join a hosting service unless they have been included as an additional Traveler during the booking process.

Host Terms and Conditions

4. Welcoming Travelers with Waverick

4.1 Host Role As a host, Waverick grants you the right to use the Waverick platform to share your Accommodation, Experience, or other hosting Service with our community of Travelers and earn money in the process. Creating a Listing is straightforward. You control how you welcome Travelers, set your price, availability, and rules for each Listing.

4.2 Agreement with Travelers When you accept a booking request or receive a booking confirmation on the Waverick platform, you enter into a contract directly with the Traveler and are responsible for providing the hosting Service under the conditions and at the price specified in your Listing. You also agree to pay applicable fees such as Waverick service fees (and applicable taxes) for each booking. Waverick will deduct the amounts owed from your payout, unless an alternative method is agreed upon. Any additional terms or conditions you include in a separate contract with Travelers must: (i) comply with these Terms, our additional legal terms, our Policies, and the information provided in your Listing, and (ii) be prominently disclosed in your Listing description.

4.3 Independence of Hosts Your relationship with Waverick is that of an independent entity or individual and not an employee, agent, co-entrepreneur, or partner of Waverick. Waverick does not direct or control your hosting Service. You understand that you have the freedom to decide if and when you want to provide hosting Services, and under what pricing and conditions.

5. Managing Your Listing

5.1 Creating and Managing Your Listing The Waverick platform provides tools to easily set up and manage a Listing. Your Listing must include complete and accurate information about your hosting Service, your price, any additional fees such as cleaning fees, stay fees, in-person fees, and any regulations or requirements that apply to your Travelers or your Listing. You are responsible for your own actions and omissions, as well as keeping your Listing information (including availability dates in your calendar) and content (such as photos) up-to-date and accurate at all times. We recommend obtaining appropriate insurance for your hosting Services and encourage you to carefully read the terms and conditions of the policy, including coverage details and exclusions. You may manage only one Listing per Accommodation, but you can have multiple Listings for the same property if it has multiple Accommodations. Any Experience offering is subject to our Additional Terms for experience hosts.

5.2 Knowing Your Legal Responsibilities You are obligated to understand and comply with all laws, regulations, rules, and contracts with third parties that apply to your Listing or hosting Services. For example, some property owners and leases, or condominium regulations, restrict or prohibit subleasing, short-term rentals, and long-term stays. Certain cities have adopted local zoning plans or similar regulations that limit short-term rentals of residential properties. Some local communities, including cities, require Hosts to register, obtain a permit or license before providing certain hosting Services (such as short-term rentals, long-term stays, food preparation, alcohol sales, guided tours, or vehicle use). In some places, the hosting Services you wish to offer may be prohibited. Some local communities require the registration of Travelers staying in your Accommodation. Jurisdictions have enacted regulations creating rental rights for Travelers and additional obligations for Hosts. For instance, certain laws may regulate rental, rent control, and eviction for long-term stays. Check national and local regulations for the rules that apply to the hosting Services you plan to offer. The information we provide regarding legal requirements is for informational purposes only. You must independently verify your obligations. You are responsible for processing and using Travelers’ personal data and others’ data in accordance with privacy laws and these Terms, including our applicable Host Privacy Rules. If you have questions about how local laws apply, you should always consult legal counsel, such as an attorney.

5.3 Ranking in Search Results The ranking of Listings in search results on the Waverick platform depends on various factors, primarily:

  • Search parameters set by Travelers (e.g., number of Travelers, date and duration of trip, price range).
  • Listing features (e.g., price, calendar availability, number and quality of images, reviews, type of hosting Service, Host status, listing age, average popularity among Travelers).
  • Traveler booking experience (e.g., history of cancellations and Host user support usage, ease of booking).
  • Host requirements (e.g., minimum or maximum nights, booking cutoff time).
  • Traveler preferences (e.g., past trips, saved Listings, location from which Traveler is searching).

Search results may appear differently on our mobile application and website. Waverick may allow Hosts to promote their Listings in search results or elsewhere on the Waverick platform for an additional fee. More information about factors determining the ranking of your Listing in search results, our current promotion programs (if any), and how we identify promoted content can be found in our Help Center.

5.4 Your Responsibilities You are responsible for your own actions and omissions as well as those of the individuals you allow to participate in providing your hosting Services. You are responsible for rates, settlement, and requirements of your Listing. You must accurately describe all fees and charges in your listing description, and you may not charge fees or charge additional items outside of the Waverick platform, except as expressly permitted by our Policy governing in-person fees. Do not encourage Travelers to create third-party accounts, submit reviews, provide contact information, or take other actions outside of the Waverick platform in violation of our Off-Platform Policy.

5.5 Hosting Travelers as a Team or Organization If you work with a co-host or host as a member of a team, business, or other organization, the entity and each individual participating in providing hosting Services are jointly responsible as Hosts under these Terms. If you agree to terms or enter contracts, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to bind your team, business, or other organization, and that each entity you use is compliant with the laws of its establishment. If you perform other functions, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to do so. If you request Waverick to distribute a portion of your payout to a co-host or other Hosts, or to send payments to a third party, you must be authorized to do so. You are responsible for payment amounts and the accuracy of the information you provide.

6. Cancellations, Travel Issues, and Booking Modifications

6.1 Cancellations and Travel Issues In general, if a Traveler cancels a reservation, the amount paid to you is determined by the applicable cancellation terms for that reservation. As a Host, you should not cancel a Traveler’s reservation without a valid reason under our Force Majeure Policy or applicable law. If you cancel a Traveler’s reservation without such a valid reason, we may impose cancellation fees and other consequences. The amount paid to you is reduced by the amount we refund or provide to the Traveler, and any other reasonable costs we incur as a result of the cancellation. If a Traveler receives a refund while you have already been paid, or if the refund and other costs incurred by Waverick exceed your payment, Waverick may recover this amount from you, including by deducting the refund from your future payouts.

6.2 Booking Modifications Hosts and Travelers are responsible for any Booking Modification they agree to on the Waverick platform or request Waverick User Support to make on their behalf, and agree to pay any additional amounts, fees, or taxes associated with a Booking Modification.

7. Taxes

7.1 Applicable Host Taxes As a Host, you are responsible for determining and fulfilling your obligations under applicable laws to report, collect, remit, or include in your price any VAT or other indirect taxes, occupancy taxes, tourism taxes, income taxes, or other applicable taxes (“Taxes”).

7.2 Collection and Remittance by Waverick In communities (such as cities) where Waverick facilitates the collection and/or remittance of taxes on behalf of Hosts, you instruct and authorize Waverick to collect taxes on your behalf and/or remit these taxes to the relevant tax authority.

7.3 Tax Information In certain local communities, tax regulations may require us to collect and/or report tax-related information about you, withhold taxes from your payouts, or both. If you do not provide us with documents we deem sufficient to justify such a requirement to withhold taxes from your payouts, we may withhold payments up to the amount required by law until sufficient documents are provided. You agree that Waverick may issue invoices or similar documents in your name for VAT, any goods and services tax, any consumption tax, or other taxes related to your hosting Services, so that our Travelers and their businesses can accurately report taxes.

8. Cancellation and Refund Policy

8.1. Cancellation policies vary based on the type of booking. Refer to our cancellation and refund policy for detailed information.

9. Role of Waverick

We provide a platform for Members to publish, offer, search, and book hosting services. When Members make or accept bookings, they directly create a contract between themselves. Waverick isn’t a party to any contract between Members. We don’t act as an agent for any Member, except when acting as a payment collection agent as specified in Payment Terms. While we strive for excellent experiences with Waverick, we can’t control Travelers’ and Hosts’ behavior and can’t guarantee (i) the existence, quality, safety, relevance, or legality of Listings or hosting services, or (ii) the accuracy of Listings’ descriptions, reviews, or other content provided by Members.

You acknowledge Waverick has no obligation to monitor platform use or verify Member-provided information, but has the right to review, disable access to, remove, or modify content for purposes including (i) operating, securing, and enhancing the platform (including fraud prevention, risk assessment, investigations, and user support); (ii) enforcing Members’ compliance with these Terms; (iii) complying with applicable law or decisions of duly empowered courts, administrative, or law enforcement authorities; (iv) addressing content that we determine to be harmful or objectionable; (v) taking actions outlined in these Terms; and (vi) maintaining and applying quality or eligibility criteria, including removing Listings that don’t meet quality and eligibility standards.

When Waverick removes or disables Member content, Waverick notifies the Member with reasons, unless such notice (i) impedes discovery of fraud or other illegal activities, (ii) harms the legitimate interests of other Members or third parties, or (iii) violates applicable law. Members commit to cooperating with Waverick in good faith, providing requested information, and taking reasonable actions in relation to any investigation by Waverick into platform use or misuse.

10. Privacy Policy

10.1. Your personal information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference into these terms.

11.Intellectual Property

11.1. All content on our website is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. You may not reproduce, distribute, or modify any content without our permission.

12.Governing Law and Jurisdiction

12.1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Morocco, and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Rabat.

13.Changes to Terms

13.1. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be effective upon posting on our website.

14.Contact Us

14.1. If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, please contact us at contact@waverick.com.

By using our website and services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Please make sure to tailor these terms and conditions to your specific business needs and consult with a legal professional to ensure accuracy and compliance with local laws.

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