Shared Visions, Joint Success

Why a Partnership with Us Works for You

Catch the Next Wave: Strategic Partnerships for Dynamic Growth

Healthy Competition

We believe in fostering a sustainable surfing ecosystem by promoting only a select few partners in each region, ensuring a competitive but fair marketplace for all.


Our platform offers enhanced visibility among an audience already passionate about surfing.

Targeted Marketing

Leverage data analytics to reach potential clients more effectively.

Total Control

Choose your offerings, collaborate on marketing strategies, and enjoy the freedom of no long-term contracts.

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More Revenue, Diverse Products, Sustainable Leadership

Enhance Low Season Revenue

We'll enable you to offer off-season packages and promotions that attract enthusiasts and beginners alike, smoothing out the seasonal spikes in your business.

Expand Your Offerings

Our platform is not just a marketplace; it's a collaborative space where we work with you to develop and expand your product line.

Lead with Sustainable Surfing

Stand out as a pioneer in your region by embracing sustainable practices in surfing, a core value that we both share.


Competition: Won't increased visibility on the platform also highlight our competitors?

Our approach is to promote partners with the potential to lead in their region, not listing direct competitors in the same segment. Early registrants benefit from exclusive listings and preferential search placements, ensuring a rich and unique offering.

Dependency: Is there a risk of becoming dependent on the platform for bookings and visibility?

We offer short-term contracts for flexibility, allowing partners to assess the partnership's effectiveness without long-term commitment. This ensures that you can enjoy the platform's benefits while retaining your independence.

Sales Channel Diversification: How does the platform view partners using multiple sales channels?

We advocate for sales channel diversification. Maintaining a presence on multiple platforms and sales avenues is encouraged to reduce dependency risks, ensuring a balanced and resilient business strategy.

Brand Control: Can we lose control over how our brand is presented and communicated?

Partners maintain brand control by customizing their profiles and listings. With a review system that highlights service quality, plus shared marketing strategies, we work together to enhance your reputation while utilizing both our platform's tools and your unique marketing approaches.

Costs: Could the platform's fees reduce our profit margins?

We practice cost transparency with a fixed margin, ensuring there are no financial surprises. Our fee structure is designed to support your profitability while providing value through our services.

Reputation: How can we ensure our reputation is safeguarded when associated with your platform?

Our nine-year tenure speaks to our reliability and market understanding. We aim for long-term growth for both partners and the platform, offering continuous marketing and operational support to help maintain and enhance your reputation.

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