Accommodation Replacement and Refund Policy

This policy outlines how we assist you in making a new reservation and handle refunds when a host cancels a booking or other issues during a trip disrupt a stay.

What happens if the host cancels before arrival? If a host cancels a reservation prior to arrival, the traveler automatically receives a full refund. If the host cancels 30 days or less before arrival and the traveler contacts us, we provide assistance in finding comparable or better accommodations.

What if other trip-related issues disrupt a stay? Other issues during a trip must be reported to us within 72 hours of the traveler becoming aware of them. If we determine that a trip-related issue disrupted the stay, we will fully or partially refund you. Depending on the severity of the issue, its impact on the traveler, the affected portion of the stay, and whether the traveler chooses to leave the accommodation, we may assist the traveler in finding comparable or better accommodations for the remaining nights of their stay.

Covered Trip-Related Issues The term “trip-related issue” encompasses the following situations:

  • Host cancels before arrival.
  • Host doesn’t provide access to the accommodation.
  • Host fails to disclose that they, another person, or a pet will be present during the stay.
  • Accommodations are not habitable upon arrival due to reasons such as:
    • Lack of reasonable cleanliness, including bedding and towels.
    • Safety or health hazards.
    • Infestation of harmful animals.
  • The listing contains a material inaccuracy, such as:
    • Incorrect type of accommodation (e.g., entire place, private room, shared room).
    • Incorrect type or number of rooms (e.g., bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens).
    • Incorrect location of the accommodation.
    • Non-existent or non-functional specific amenities or features described in the listing, such as a pool, jacuzzi, bathroom (toilet, shower, bathtub), kitchen (sink, stove, refrigerator, or other appliances), electrical, heating, or cooling systems.

How Claims Work To receive assistance for a new booking or a refund, the traveler who made the booking can file a claim by contacting us. Claims must be submitted within 72 hours of becoming aware of the trip-related issue and must be supported by relevant evidence, such as photos or host confirmation. We assess the existence of a trip-related issue based on the available evidence.

Impact on Hosts If a host cancels a stay or if another trip-related issue disrupts a stay, the host will not receive a payout or will have their payout reduced by the amount refunded to the traveler.

Additional Considerations This policy applies to all bookings made from the Effective Date. It supersedes reservation cancellation terms. Before submitting a claim, travelers should ideally inform the host and try to resolve the trip-related issue directly with them. In resolving the issue, travelers can request refunds directly from hosts by writing to Under this policy, we may reduce the refund amount or adjust the assistance offered for a new booking to reflect any direct refund or assistance provided by the host. In assisting with a new booking, we may, at our discretion, cover or contribute to the cost of new accommodations. We may also offer travelers the option to apply the value of a canceled booking to new accommodations or receive a travel credit instead of a refund.

If a traveler demonstrates that it was not possible to timely report a trip-related issue, we may allow late reporting under this policy. Trip-related issues caused by the traveler, co-travelers, their guests, or their pets are not covered by this policy. Submitting a fraudulent claim violates our Terms of Service and may result in account termination.

Our decisions under this policy are binding, but they do not affect other contractual or legal rights that may be available. Any legal rights that travelers or hosts may have remain applicable. This policy is not insurance, and no premiums have been paid by travelers or hosts. All rights and obligations under this policy are personal to the traveler who booked and the host of the booking and cannot be transferred or assigned. Any changes to this policy will be made in accordance with our Terms of Service. This policy applies to stays in Surfcamps and Waverick Gateways but not to reservations for surf courses or activities.


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