The Desert Oasis of World-Class Surfing

Dakhla is a little paradise on earth lost between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara Desert. It is known as the capital of kite-surfing with its constant winds throughout the year. With regular flights from Europe, if you have ever dreamed of surfing in the desert, Dakhla might be the perfect destination. Its shores, among the most beautiful in Morocco, are a true haven of peace under the sun, at 25 °C all year round. Kilometers of beaches stretch all around the city. The most well-known are PK25, popular with sunbathers who can swim in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, and Foum El Bouir, another popular beach dedicated to board sports. Surfers, kite-surfers, and wind-surfers of all levels share the beach for their love of the waves. Dakhla also has world class spots like Pointe du Dragon, known for its spectacular tubes and long waves. Dakhla is also one of the best activity destinations you can travel to: horse riding in the desert, excursions to the hot springs, sea trips by catamaran, and exploration of Dragon Island are only a few options among many other possibilities that the city has to offer.

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4 Ways to reach the Oasis

Fly Directly to Dakhla Airport (VIL)

Several airlines operate flights to Dakhla, especially from major Moroccan cities like Casablanca and Agadir. Some European cities also have direct or connecting flights.

Car Rental

If you’re up for a road trip, you can rent a car or use your own vehicle to drive to Dakhla. The journey from cities like Marrakech or Agadir is long but offers a unique way to see the changing landscapes of Morocco.

Accommodation Transfers

Enjoy convenient transfers from the airport to your lodging, with options for day surf trips.

Organized Tours

Several accommodation offer organized tours to Dakhla, especially those specializing in surfing or kite surfing trips. These often include transportation as part of the package.


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