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Experience the thrill of kitesurfing with Said and M’hammed’s school in the windswept beauty of Dakhla, Morocco. Welcoming adventurers from the age of 12, the school is known for its exceptional coaching, provided by four certified experts. They teach amid the picturesque landscapes of PK25, speed spot, secret spot, and the white dune.

Learners can savor the joy of slicing through the waves on Dakhla’s pristine sandy beaches, under the watchful guidance of passionate instructors. These beaches become classrooms where the azure waters of the Atlantic are the perfect playground for kitesurf enthusiasts. Said and M’hammed ensure each student’s journey from novice to confident surfer is filled with encouragement and expert instruction.

Beyond the rush of kitesurfing, the school offers a gastronomic retreat with outdoor meals overlooking the ocean. As the sun dips below the horizon, families can indulge in flavorful dishes and sip on Sahrawi tea, completing an unforgettable day.

At the end of a wind-filled day, it should be noted that the school caters to different learning preferences with two tailored rates: a semi-private option for pairs booking together and a private option for individualized attention. So whether you’re teaming up with a friend or going solo, you’re guaranteed an intimate and focused session to hone your kitesurfing skills. 🪁🌊🏄‍♂️🌅

Said and M’hammed’s kitesurfing school awaits to offer a blend of adrenaline, serene landscapes, and warm Moroccan culture to all who seek adventure. With choices of semi-private or private sessions, every need is met to ensure an experience as unique as the waves themselves. 🏖️🍽️☀️🌟


  • Warm Welcome: Guests are greeted by Said and M'hammed's hospitable team, ensuring a welcoming and enthusiastic start to their kitesurfing adventure.
  • Expert Gear Setup: Participants are outfitted with high-quality kites, harnesses, and boards, ensuring they have the best equipment for their skill level and the conditions of Dakhla's waters.
  • Skilled Instruction: Said and M'hammed provide comprehensive kitesurfing lessons, including essential ocean safety and technique guidance, catered to the individual's pace and ability.
  • Thrilling Practice: Students enjoy hands-on kitesurfing sessions, with close support from their dedicated instructors, allowing for a personalized and exhilarating learning experience.
  • Confident Departure: After their course, students leave with not just new kitesurfing skills but also valuable connections and an empowered sense of achievement.


  • Transportation: Comfortable and rugged 4x4 vehicle transport to the kitesurf spot is provided to ensure accessibility to various terrains.
  • Kitesurf Equipment: High-quality kitesurfing gear, including all necessary equipment, is provided to ensure a top-notch experience on the water.
  • Professional Instruction: Expert kitesurfing instruction from certified professionals is included to offer tailored guidance for all skill levels.

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Frequently asked questions

Booking a 6-hour semi-private kitesurf course with a friend is simple and offers you a great opportunity to learn with confidence. You can take advantage of our semi-private package discount, which is applicable when two people book together. If you're booking alone, just add the extra cost for a private 6-hour session. Once you select the semi-private or private option and complete the booking, your total will be updated immediately to reflect the correct price for the chosen package.

Kitesurf lessons are charged per person. Additional hours can be added depending on whether you book alone or for two people, with options for private or semi-private lessons.

Semi-private lessons offer a reduced rate for pairs booking together. If you're booking alone, you will need to book a private lesson, which requires an additional fee for the one-on-one instruction.

After your initial booking, our partner surf school will contact you to help arrange additional courses. They’ll provide available time slots and offer flexibility for scheduling, especially if you’ve booked multiple courses. Your optimal surfing experience is our goal, and we’re here to assist in making it happen.

If there's no wind, Kitesurfing Dakhla offers alternative surf lessons, including transportation. If you're unable to reschedule during your holiday in Dakhla, contact us for a refund.

No experience is needed; our courses are suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

The minimum age to participate in kitesurfing lessons is 12 years old.

Bring swimwear, a towel, sunscreen, and a change of clothes. We provide surfboards and wetsuits.

The more hours you book, the lower the cost per hour becomes. For instance, a 6 hours comes with a 10% discount.

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From: 100 €
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  • 2H Private Kitesurf Lesson(40 €)
  • 4H Semi-Private Kitesurf Lesson(80 €)
  • 4H Private Kitesurf Lesson(155 €)
  • 6H Semi-Private Kitesurf Lesson(170 €)
  • 6H Private Kitesurf Lesson(280 €)
  • 8H Semi-Private Kitesurf Lesson(260 €)
  • 8H Private Kitesurf Lesson(405 €)
  • 10H Semi-Private Kitesurf Lesson(340 €)
  • 10H Private Kitesurf Lesson(525 €)

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