Stylish Accommodations and the Freedom of Surfboard Use

Waverick Gateway combines flexible accommodations with a deep dive into Moroccan surf culture. Every booking includes a surfboard for at least one day, with additional rental options available through our partners, inviting guests to explore the waves at their own pace and immerse themselves in the local surfing community.

Beachfront Apartment in Taghazout

Taghazout Beach, Taghazout
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From: 55 € /night
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Imsouane Soul Lodge

Lot AMADEL Imessouane
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From: 20 € /night
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Waverick Gateway's

Transparency at Its Best

Our offer encompasses both accommodation and a complimentary surfboard for you to use. No hidden surprises, just pure excitement.

Your Trip, Your Way

Experience the freedom to curate your journey on your terms. Waverick Gateway provides you with the flexibility to plan your adventure just the way you like it.

Sustainable Surfing

With your own secure board, you have the power to choose less crowded beaches, enabling you to enjoy a more sustainable and serene holiday experience.

Connect through Host Partners

Forge meaningful connections through our host partners, who are dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible experience. Their local insights are your key to unforgettable moments.

Embrace a Fresh Travel Experience

For those in search of thrilling adventures and struggling to discover the perfect offers in Morocco, Waverick Gateway presents a distinct approach to travel and accommodation booking.

Your questions answered

Common questions

We offer a variety of accommodation options, including hostels, full apartments, and riads. Choose the type that best suits your preferences and needs.

You can find information about retrieving the surfboard on the booking page of your accommodation. Typically, the board will be ready for you at the accommodation upon your arrival.

Accidents can happen. In most cases, our partner will request a deposit as a precaution. Rest assured, you’ll receive a refund of the deposit upon your departure.

Many of our accommodations feature secure surf racks for storing your board. Additionally, our host partner will provide you with all the details on where to keep your board and retrieve it when needed.

If your accommodation offers surf lessons, you can book them directly as an extra during your reservation or later through our activity page. Some of our partner accommodations are also run by surf professionals who provide lessons.

Our refund policy varies based on the accommodation. Please refer to the booking page of your accommodation for specific details regarding cancellations and refunds.

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