If you are reading this article, perhaps you are planning a surf trip to Morocco or seeking an alternative surf spot when Taghazout’s surf spots tend to be crowded. Our guide offers a complete look at the region’s most incontestable surf spots. The Taghazout region is a surf paradise for all surfers, whether professional or beginner.

The region boasts plenty of surf spots to the north, south, or in Taghazout itself. Read our detailed guide and use our interactive map to find the surf spot that best suits you.

North of Taghazout




Break Type: Point Break

Works better in: Low and High tide

Difficulty: Advanced


Boilers Surf Spot

Just 20 minutes by car from Taghazout and near Cap Ghir lighthouse, Boilers got its name from a ship boiler that washed up on its shore. This spot is known for its consistent and powerful right-hand waves thanks to the offshore wind. It’s best during big swells but breaks on a reef, so it’s more suited for advanced surfers.

Watch out for sea urchins and sharp rocks. For an easier entry, try accessing from the north side of the spot. It’s a popular location for professional photographers due to the great photo opportunities. Truly an awesome spot!



Break Type:  Point Break

Works better in: Low and High tide

Difficulty: Advanced


Dracs, often referred to as the evil twin of Boilers, is located just before Boilers. Jumping off the rocks is necessary to enter and there’s no specific best spot for it. It’s not suitable for beginners due to the sharp reef and powerful waves. However, for those who can manage, it offers a world-class surfing experience.



Break Type:  Point and Beach Break

Works better in: Low tide

Difficulty: All levels


Desert Point Surf Spot

Desert Point, one of the area’s lesser-known surf spots, offers a fast, hollow right wave that’s suitable for all skill levels. Its bottom combines flat rock slabs and sand posing no significant risk. The point side mainly features a rocky bottom, leading to the stunning beach break at Desert Beach.

Close to the vibrant village of Aghroud, locals often refer to it as K25. It’s also a great escape from the busy surf schools and crowded breaks in Tamraght and Taghazout.



Break Type:  Point Break

Works better in: Low and High tide

Difficulty: Advanced


The Source Killer Surf Spot

This surf spot is one of the region’s most impressive, named after the orcas that often swim by. It’s a great alternative to the frequently crowded Anchors. We love it here, especially for the breathtaking sunsets.

Despite seeming smaller from the cliffs, this spot offers a left-hand wave at low tide that fades as the tide rises, making way for a long right-hand wave over several sections. Accessing the lineup is easy at low tide by walking around the cliff, but as the tide rises, paddling about a hundred meters becomes the only way in.



Break Type:  Beach and Reef Break

Works better in: Low tide

Difficulty: Intermediate and Advanced


La Source gets its name from a fresh water source that drips there. Finding a strong left wave in Morocco is tough, making this rocky reef a unique find, especially for goofy-footed surfers. From La Source, you can spot the renowned Killer Point to your right.

Taghazout’s Surf Spots




Anchor Point Surf Spot

Break type: Point Break

Works better in: Low and mid Tides

Difficulty: Intermediate and Advanced


Just a 10-minute walk from the center of Taghazout you will find this world-class right-hander spot, working best with long, northwest swells. First surfed by Australians in the 1960s, it’s a sought-after destination for skilled surfers visiting Morocco.

Anchor Point, Mysteries, La Source and Killer Point are all part of this same stretch of beach. Although Anchor Point can get crowded, especially in smaller waves, surfers tend to spread out as the session progresses. For those looking for quieter conditions, Panorama spot is a great alternative, offering a break away from rocks.



Panorama Surf Spot

Break Type: Beach and Point Break

Works better in: Low and mid Tides

Difficulty: All Levels


Often called Panorama Point due to a restaurant that overlooks it, this spot near Taghazout is ideal for beginners. It features a wide sandy beach with both left and right breaks. Additionally, there are excellent right-handers off a point break that cater well to intermediate and advanced surfers, especially when there’s a proper NNW swell. It’s a great place for those starting to ride waves in Taghazout.

South of Taghazout




Devil Rock Surf Spot

Break Type: Beach Break

Works better in: Low and High Tides

Difficulty: All Levels


This is a sandy-bottom beach break, only a 10-minute walk from Tamraght where you will find a good vibe and delightful right-hand wave along with some playful lefts at high tide. Consistent all year round, it’s ideal for beginners and those looking to improve their surfing skills. It’s also a perfect place to relax with locals or enjoy the sunset from the beachside cafes or the excellent fish restaurant.

Be aware, it tends to get busy on weekends, but the atmosphere stays laid-back and there’s a great cafe right on the beach. However, this spot isn’t ideal for big swells. Just nearby, you’ll find Spiders, suited for experienced surfers and Banana Point to your left.



Banana 2 Surf Spot

Break Type: Point Break

Works better in: Low and High Tide

Difficulty: All Levels


Named after the nearby village Aourir, famous for its plentiful banana fields, this beach (along with two other spots, K11 and K12) is great for beginners offering pleasant right and left waves. It boasts a lovely right-hander near a small cliff, ideal for photography, and offers easy parking. It’s also a top spot for longboarders in the region.

It’s best to avoid this spot when it rains, as the nearby river can bring a lot of runoffs from the area, making the water quite muddy.

After enjoying the waves, you’re just a hundred meters away from Banana Village (Aourir), the small town renowned for its delicious tagines.

10- ANZA:


Break Type: Beach and Reef Breaks

Works better in: Low and High Tide

Difficulty: All Levels


On the doorsteps of Agadir, Anza is an exposed beach break that often has swell, even when nearby Taghazout and Tamraght are flat, making it a very reliable spot for consistent surfing. This fantastic surf spot offers a peaky, steep left wave over a reef and a softer, peeling right wave on the sand. The middle section is also surfable, providing plenty of room for everyone. The spot is most effective at high tide.


Now that you’re familiar with Taghazout’s best surf spots, you’re ready to surf like a local. Don’t forget to check out our accommodation options with local partners who can offer you plenty of helpful tips.

Most importantly, remember to follow the rules of surfing to ensure safe and enjoyable sessions for yourself and others. Stay aware, respect your fellow surfers, and enjoy the waves!

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